Together, let's write the story of Decathlon Switzerland !!
Switzerland is an extraordinary country
due to its cultural and human wealth and
its geographical diversity.
Mountains, lakes, forests, natural parks
and urban infrastructure make an excellent
playground for sport activities.

We know that our store is expected by
numerous Swiss sportsmen. We have discovered
certain logistics, commercial and customs
zone specifities connected to the singular
position of Switzerland in the heart of
Europe and therefore it's natural that today
we are able to offer you our sport products so
that you could be equiped to practise any kind of sport!
We aim to make sport accessible to
the entire population
by offering the
products of our exclusive brands both technical
and innovative with an unbeattable
value / price ratio.

We want to write the Decathlon Switzerland story
together with you in order to adapt our stores better to the
demands and needs of our sport users that you are!

Christian OLLIER
Director of Decathlon Switzerland

of the sport goods all over the world
Distributor since 40 years

Designer since 20 years

140 sports under the same roof

Exists in 44 countries

82 000 enthusiastic and

sporty employees

with the best value price ratio
The teams of our exclusive sport brands : our passion brands put all their energy to design nice, simple and at the same time technical sport products always for the most accessible prices. These products are dedicated to all the sport lovers, from the beginners to experts, are exclusively available in Decathlon stores.

is the heart of our project

By observing the sportsmen while practising and also in
our Research and development center, by listening to them,
our sales assistants, product managers, designers,
engineers imagine our products of future, "smart"
products that will make the sport practise easier and
guarantee the comfort, the pleasure and the safety of the user.

Our target is to make all these innovations accessible to
the maximum customers and users in the whole world
thanks to the lowest prices possible.

We share all our skills during the day of our Innovation Awards,
by Decathlon. Each year it's a unique occasion for our
employees to live the spirit of Innovation together that
we all love so much and to discover the surprising and
smart products soon available in Decathlon stores.

in durable development
Due to its passion brands and stores Decathlon is a responsible actor of the economical and social life everywhere where implanted.
Our priority is the creation of the long-term values for our employees, customers, users, partners, citizens and shareholders.

share the common passion : sport
Integrate the sporty, dynamic and enthusiastic team where you will share the common sense of the teammembers :
" make the pleasure of sport accessible to many".
The adventure starts here, discover some of our 300 jobs and pick up yours!

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