Billiards Glove

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Product benefits
  1. Easy dressing
    The elasticated fabric makes it very easy to pull on your glove.
  2. Precision
    Better slide and accuracy thanks to its synthetic fabric.
  3. Breathability
    The cut-out fingers and polyester fabric provide better breathability.
Product feature
  1. Why the glove is important in billiards
    The billiards glove helps you execute a straight, fluid, continuous movement when shooting. Far from being a stylish detail or comfy bonus, the billiards glove truly helps improve your accuracy. As the game progresses, your hands become moist, which can impede the slide of the shaft. The glove has the benefit of guaranteeing a fluid movement throughout the game, even if you are sweating.
  2. An accessory for everyone
    At first glance, the billiards glove may seem like an accessory reserved for professional or perfectionist players. While in fact, it may turn out to be an absolute essential for beginners. Wearing a glove helps you focus on the correct finger positioning and your aim, so that you can forget about the fluidness of your slide and adapt to different playing conditions.
  3. How to choose your glove
    The billiards glove is only worn on your front hand, the one that forms the bridge. The first step is to check that the glove's shape is suited to your right or left hand, whichever is dominant. There are different shapes, closure systems, and fabrics. Obviously, it is most important to find a glove that you feel comfortable in, absorbs perspiration, and allows you to form a bridge.
  4. Why elastane and polyester
    Elastane increases the glove's elasticity so the fabric fits snug for better dexterity. Your Geologic glove will not impede your movement while shooting. Polyester is an anti-perspirant, which keeps your hands dry and therefore ensures a perfect slide throughout your game for consistently better accuracy.
  5. A little tip from our billiards team:
    Pool is a matter of accuracy... and therefore of position. Take your time to find a position where you are both stable and relaxed. And the American pool table is smaller than a snooker table, for example. So feel free to stand up from time to time to see the game. And to find a stable, comfortable stance :)
Product testing
  1. Composition
    Main fabric : 82.0% Polyester (PES), Main fabric : 18.0% Elasthane
  2. Approved by
    Corentin, Manon and Denis, members of the Geologic team and gold, silver in French billiards.
  3. Product information
    Only one ball left to pocket before winning! But you're overwhelmed by adrenaline and miss your shots. The reason? Your wet hands. With its synthetic, lightweight fabric, nothing is left to chance.