Bond Ice Skates - Black/White

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Product benefits
  1. Warmth
    Thick, warm sockliner for outdoor skating.
  2. Stability
    The fastening systems that provide excellent support for the ankle and foot.
  3. Fitting comfort
    Liner and tongue lined with anatomic foam padding for added comfort.
  4. Glide performance
    Hockey style blade for better manoeuvrability.
Product feature
  1. Blade
    Hockey style blade for easy manoeuvring.Dry your blades with a dry cloth after each use to prevent the risk of rusting.
  2. Foot and ankle are comfortably held in place
    The semi-soft boot offers a good level of comfort. The boot's stiff upper rides far enough up to properly hold your ankle in place. Put the skates on easily with the simple, effective fasteners: a micrometric buckle on the top of the shoe for better precision, a rip-tab for fitting the heel snugly into the shoe, and classic laces.
  3. Sharpening
    The skates should be sharpened regularly. To maintain the sharpness of your blades, use rigid blade protectors when moving off the ice.
  4. Safety advice
    Always wear protective equipment.
Product testing
  1. Storage advice
    Dry your blades with a dry cloth after each use to prevent the risk of rusting. Store your skates in a dry place and cover the blades with a cloth blade guard.
  2. Product restrictions
    Not suitable for ice hockey or figure skating.
  3. Product information
    A comfortable, warm skate. Perfect for outdoor use!