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Welcome to the MyDecathlon team.
Discover sport as you always imagined it,
whilst making the most of our experience.
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Let's live and breathe sport together.

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Who are we?

We love sport.
We think that it has to be made accessible to as many people as possible.
As a creator of innovative products, we have unbeatable
value for money in Switzerland.

We are passionate about sport.
We love to do all forms of sport.
We love to share and exchange our experience with you.
That is why our Sports Leaders offer really personalised advice.
Because we think you should also give each product a try before
you buy it, and you also decide what is part of our catalogue.
We believe in safety.
We think you should be able to do the sport you are passionate about with confidence.
In order to do this, we need to be in a position to contact you so
that we can guarantee unfailing safety follow-up care.

We are a team.
When we welcome you in a store or on the internet, you automatically
become a member of the community.


Welcome to the MyDecathlon team
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Sports with confidence
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