SYMBIOS -500 500 surfcasting rod

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Product benefits -
  1. Sensitivity
    The fast action of the rod helps you see bites clearly
  2. Visibility
    The reflective the tip of the rod lets you see bites during the day and at night
  3. Corrosion resistance
    Rod equipped with corrosion-resistant SeaGuide Atlas guides
  4. Distance
    The rod's action and 24T carbon let you reach long distances
Product feature
  1. Symbios-500 500 rod features
    - Size: 5.00 m - Sections: 3 - Transport length: 1.72 m - Weight: 624 g - Guides: 8 SeaGuide Atlas guides - Casting weight: 100-200 g - Optimal sinker weight for casting: 130 g - Fast action - Reel seat: screw-in tubular - Ergonomic butt handle - Comes with its own bag
  2. High Sensitiv Tip
    The SYMBIOS-500 500 rod features High Sensitiv Tip technology. We have worked on the tip of the rod by strengthening it with 24T carbon for even greater sensitivity.
  3. Reflective Tip
    We developed the Reflective Tip technology on SYMBIOS-500 500 rods. This technology gives the rod maximum visibility thanks to the silver coating, to make it shine when lit up. This allows it to be seen at any time at night by shining a light on it from your headlamp or your torch. With the Reflective Tip, to see your tip, shine a light on it!
  4. Alignment marks
    We have added Alignment Marks technology to the SYMBIOS-500 500 rod. Align the different sections using the marks on the ferrules to improve speed and maximise the performance of the rod.
Product testing
  1. Composition
    Structure : 100.0% Carbon fiber (CF)
  2. Product restrictions
    Do not use in a storm.
  3. Product information
    This 5m rod has a visible and sensitive reflective tip for better bite detection.