Cabled pet clipper

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Combining efficiency and sturdiness, this 55 Watt clipper will enable you to groom your pet easily and without stress.

The Eyenimal clipper is designed for clipping all types of hair. It works without any heating up to ensure your dog has a safe and enjoyable time.

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Ergonomic handle enables a good grip for better comfort.

Beruhigende Wirkung

This clipper enables you to maintain your pet's coat on a daily basis.

Einfache Nutzung

The Eyenimal clipper is designed for clipping all types of hair.



The Eyenimal clipper is designed for clipping all types of hair. It works without any heating up to ensure your dog has a safe and enjoyable time. It also comes with 7 accessories, including 4 combs, to vary your pet's haircut and make it all nice and neat!

Why choose the Eyenimal professional cabled dog clipper?

Perfect for giving your fur ball a well-deserved beauty treatment. This complete accessory has interchangeable metal trimming heads. The clipper offers 7 accessories, including 4 combs, to vary the cut according to your desires!
You will no doubt appreciate its ergonomic shape as well as its 3 metres of round cables designed to provide you with greater comfort and freedom of movement.


For all types of hair
Professional metal trimming heads with precision sharpening
Designed for continuous operation without overheating
Dimensions: 193 x 49 cm
Weight: 580 g
Electric power: 55 Watts
2 speed levels: 2000 rpm and 3200 rpm
3 meter cable for more freedom of movement
Ergonomic shape for better comfort

I have to trim my dog to ...

Removes thick hair from certain breeds that do not shed, such as the Poodle.
Remove its fur coat if the temperature is too high during hot spells in particular because a thick coat does not protect against heat stroke, contrary to popular belief.
Thinning the coat and making it easier to care for.
Eliminate the knots that form quite quickly in some coats.
Save time compared to trimming with scissors


This product consists of:
One electric clipper 19.3 x 4.9 cm / 0.58 kg
1 extra blade
4 combs
A cleaning brush
An empty oil bottle
One user guide
POWER SUPPLY: 230-240V, ~50Hz, max 55W
Dimensions: 19.3 x 4.9cm
Weight: 580 g

How to trim your pet's fur?

Dirt and sand in your pet's hair can cause heavy wear on the blades. It is therefore advisable to wash and dry your pet thoroughly before trimming. It is essential to gradually accustom your pet to the sound of the mower. Gently approach your pet with soft words and stroking to reassure it.


When clipping, start with the face and throat, then continue with the neck, back, croup, flanks, and belly. The chest is then returned to the front, and the legs are trimmed. The legs are more easily trimmable when extended.

Place the cutting guide flat on your pet's coat and slowly work your way through the hair, making sure you stay parallel to the skin.

To finish

Proceed in successive rows. Try as much as possible to complete your movement, so as not to have to go over the same spot several times.
Areas such as the face and throat that need to be trimmed short should be trimmed against the grain. To trim the ends of the legs, lay the blade along the nail bed, then slowly work backwards along each finger. Be careful not to clip between the fingers.


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