Hallenschuhe Futsal Eskudo 500 Damen grau


Designed for intermediate futsal players looking for a comfortable shoe designed for women.

Our designers, with the help of female futsal players, developed the Eskudo 500 women's futsal shoes to suit the narrower shape of women's feet.

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Farbe: lichtgrau / porzellanrosa / navyblau

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Enjoy extra heel cushioning with Circular System and a wide, thick sole.


Moulded insole for optimal comfort.


Improved footing on smooth pitches thanks to the natural rubber outsole.


Your shoe is resistant to wear thanks to PU reinforcements on the sides.


Heel counter provides maximum stability.


Padded forefoot for enhanced ball feel.

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Thin and supple component improves boots' weight.


Holds your foot securely, as the straps reinforce the laces.


Hallenschuhe Futsal Eskudo 500 Damen grau
Hallenschuhe Futsal Eskudo 500 Damen grau
Hallenschuhe Futsal Eskudo 500 Damen grau
Hallenschuhe Futsal Eskudo 500 Damen grau
Hallenschuhe Futsal Eskudo 500 Damen grau


A shoe that's right for you

The shape of the women's Eskudo shoe was designed based on scans of women's feet in order to fit you best. Also, following feedback from female players/testers on the court, the shoe tongue was redesigned to be entirely from mesh, which is softer and more breathable.

Lastly, if you want an even more personalised shoe, you can have your name or number inscribed on your shoes at the Workshop at your local Decathlon store!

Want more protection and durability from your futsal shoes? We've got you covered.

- The sole is reinforced on the inside of the foot for added support and stability.
- The upper is higher and reinforced at the back of the heel to provide you with greater protection and support.
- On the inside of the foot, the side reinforcements and durable PU material protect your shoe from premature wear; no more need for tape!
- As for the sides of the shoe, the straps provide extra support of the foot when lacing up.

A futsal trainer sole, or soles?

In addition to their futsal-specific outsole, these shoes have an insole that was specially designed for futsal:
- It is pre-shaped to provide more cushioning.
- Made from micro-perforated and breathable material that allows heat to escape.
And the outsole?
- It is made from natural rubber for more solid footing on smooth court surfaces.
- The Circular System increases cushioning at the heel.

Benjamin, Kipsta product designer, tells the story of a shoe specially developed for futsal:

"It was exciting to go beyond 11-a-side football; we didn't want to content ourselves with adding a futsal outsole to a classic trainer. Instead, we looked for elements that characterise futsal, and added them to the mix.
The first idea is often the best, and there ended up being few changes between the shoe's initial drawings and the final product. Which was great! Everything that we put in the drawing we were able to implement. The result was a shoe that truly lives and breathes futsal."

A shoe designed for futsal—what does that mean?

Here are some details of this shoe designed for the technique and intensity of futsal:
- The overstitching on the front of the shoe makes it more durable and better able to handle the sudden changes of pace while playing futsal.
- The non-marking sole is designed to leave no marks on the parquet floors of sport centres.
- Enjoy the choice of a fabric or synthetic upper depending on the model!

The Eskudo: Futsal to the core

Escudo means shield in Spanish and Portuguese. Both are countries where futsal is very popular. Tiago, our product manager, explains the choice of name:
"Futsal is a high-intensity game with a lot of movement. It's important to protect players, who need more cushioning. We wanted to emphasise the protection and durability provided by this shoe."

How did we test this shoe in the field?

"We were fortunate enough to be able to test the shoes on the Kipstadium courts in Tourcoing, right where they were designed. We were especially fortunate to collaborate with female futsal players and our partners at Decathlon. We found their input and feedback helpful in improving the shoe and making it well suited to women's feet."


2 Jahre



Außenseite aus 80% Polyurethan (PUR), 20% Polyester (PES) Sohle aus 50% Synthesekautschuk, 50% Ethylenvinylacetat (EVA) Innenseite aus 100% Polyester (PES)

Tip zur Lagerung.

To ensure your shoes last longer, store them in a dry place. After play, take your shoes out of your sports bag and remove the insole, to allow them to dry.


Do not machine wash.


Our trainers undergo several tests before making their way to futsal pitches, both in the lab and on the pitch. Lab tests are performed on the following elements: tearing eyelets, glueing, toxicology, UV resistance, abrasion resistance of outsole and upper components, accelerated ageing. Use tests are carried out to verify the quality of our products on futsal courts in real-life playing conditions.


Women futsal players have tested our Eskudo 500 trainers in training sessions and matches.


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