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Spacer Set Freestyle Scooter MF 3.6
Spacer Set Freestyle Scooter MF 3.6

Spacer Set Freestyle Scooter MF 3.6


Our team of two-wheel enthusiasts have made this set to let you replace the spacers on your MF 3.6 freestyle scooter.

We bring you this quick to mount freestyle crosspiece set to extend your scooter's lifespan.

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Einfaches Auf- und Abbauen

You just need a size 6 Allen key and a size 13 spanner.


Your kit is compatible with MF 3.6 freestyle model launched in 2019.


Kit contents

To carry on getting the most out of your scooter, think about using spare parts! This kit is made up of two crosspieces and two flat silent-blocks (one left and one right).

Need a hand?

You might not be handy at DIYYou are welcome to bring your scooter to your local DECATHLON store to get it serviced or repaired.

Do you already have your tools?

Why you can't find in this kit the tools to perform assembly?
For the same reason we suggest spare parts to you: adopting a more environmentally friendly approach towards long-term sustainability.
It's part of our commitment and that's why we have not added a screwdriver or an Allen key to this package.


2 Jahre



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Tip zur Lagerung.

Store your freestyle scooter in a dry place out of the sun.